Our Story

I am a busy Mummy of 3 amazing little boys, Cohan (6), Hunter (4) and Maximus (baby). I live with my supportive partner of 12 years with our 3 sons and 2 dogs in Northland. I have a passion for child development, art and design, and photography. Above all my 2 little ones come before anything and everything.

Here at My Little Gems Designs I provide a range of services such as birthday invites, Business Logos, Wedding Stationary, prints, photography and more! I also of course do custom design work to suit all client’s needs.


You can email me at: mylittlegemsdesigns@gmail.com OR message me via Facebook


I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with over 5 years of experiences working alongside all age groups. After having my first child, my goals and ambitions changed as many new mothers experience.

When Cohan’s first birthday planning came into sight, I found a new passion - design! I designed everything from the invitations, to the bunting to the party favours. The New Year came and along with it a new venture. I tried to balance working full time and running my own little business at home but as I got busier the balance got harder to maintain. After becoming pregnant with my 2nd I decided to leave my full-time job and make a go at this small business venture.

I love each and every single customer I have had the pleasure of working with and look forward to continuing to meet such lovely people. Pop me a message if you need any design needs.

Kim Xx