Are your school mornings feeling rushed? Take the stress away with one of our Let’s Get Ready for School charts which will support your child in learning how to get ready in the morning in a timely fashion.


This chart has been specifically designed and tested to support children in developing their independence, time management and encouraging them to participate in the busy morning routine.


Our charts are available in a range of themes, with different skin tones and 28 chores to select from. All charts come with 5 reward stickers which can be added when all chores have been completed at the end of each day. If your child completes their tasks every day for the week, we suggest that you then provide them with a reward to encourage them to keep up the great work.


Current chores available:

- Complete homework

- Feed cat/dog

- Pack my bag

- Have bath/shower

- Brush teeth

- Sweep the floors

- Make my bed

- Finish breakfast

- Put out rubbish

- Vacum Room

- Help with laundry

- Water the garden

- Help with groceries

- Have a nap

- Set up for dinner

- Wash dishes

- Brush my hair

- Wash my face

- Get dressed

- Clean my toys/room

- Put away my clothes

- Pack my lunch

- Go to the toilet

- Open windows/curtains

- Help clean the house

- Put my shoes on

- Keep my undies dry

- Have quiet time


Custom Options:

  • Add your child’s name in the title for FREE!
  • Have we missed a chore that your child usually helps with? Either email me for a custom design or add “blank” to your list of selected chores to receive a blank card for you to fill in with a marker. Custom designed chores can be designed for an extra cost.
  • Fully customised options are also available. Please email for more details on how to order a custom designed chart or chores.


Our charts are printed onto 200gm cardstock then laminated. Velcro dots are added for easy use. The magnet add on is for a set of magnets added to the back of the chart. Whiteboard marker is selected at random

Let's get ready for School Chart